Some Skill I Learn

Server Programming Language

PHP => CI, Zend, HHVM(HipHop Virtual Machine)

J2EE => SpringMVC, Hibernate

NodeJS => ExpressJS+EJS

CLient Programming Language

Javascript => JqueryUI, DhtmlX

Web Services => Json, XML, AJAX


RDBMS => MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle11g

NoSQL => MongoDB

Storage on Memory => Redis, Memcached, fastcache


Server => XAMPP, SOLR, Nginx, Tomcat, Glashfish

Operating System => Windows, Linux

Cache => Varnish

Indexing => Elastic Search

Development Tools => Git

little thing i do

Komisi Penanggulangan Aids Nasional

KPAN is a government agency engaged in humanity to prevent and promote the dangers of AIDS in Indonesia
1. HR Information System
2. Logistic System
3. Elibrary Website
4. System Information Management


The Groupe Danone is a multinational food-products corporation based in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It produces dairy products, bottled water, cereals, baby foods and yogurts. In the United States it is marketed as the Dannon Company
1. HR Information System

Ice Skating BX Ring

BX Rink is the largest indoor ice-skating rink in Indonesia, located in the Mall Bintaro Jaya Exchange owned by PT. Jaya Real Property
1. Trainer and Skater Mangement System
2. Schedule, Packed Skate, Certified System
3. Point Of Sales System
4. Intergrated Gate Bostex Security System

Akademi Komunikasi Siaran Radio Televisi Indonesia

Akomm is an academic institution that is engaged in radio and television communications in Indonesia
1. Academic System Information


Erlangga publisher is a publisher of textbooks, handbooks and resources for students, teachers, parents.

Kompas Gramedia

Kompas Gramedia is the largest media conglomerate in Indonesia, engaged in newspaper, bookshops, publishing, handbooks, radio, megazines, television, hospitality, online etc
2. Ads Management System